About us

Legno in was born in 1985, currently we are aninternational level, in fact, more than 50% of production is exported. For over twenty years we have specialized in the production, sorting and sale of veneers. The range of veneer savailable at our ware house is made of how much better can offer the domestic and international market.


The trunks and burls from all over the world (Europe, Africa, America, Asia) are selected and tested carefully by experts from the time of purchase until the later stages of processing and selling. The cut, the selection and care of the veneer are the hallmark of our company’s quality.
This is also why our society is always directed to the most varied customers, ranging from small workshops to large industries in Italy and abroad. For several years, we are also able to accommodate special requests such as exclusive wood: Maple Frise, Ash Frise, Movingui Frise, Mahogany Frise, pomele Mahogany, Bubinga pomele, Eucalyptus Frise, etc..

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